Watt’s Asbestos Removal Services/Asbestos Removals Kangaroo Island have been serving South Australia’s rural communities  for over 25 years.

We do asbestos removal and provide asbestos services for all of Kanagaroo Island.

3 Reasons To Hire Watt’s Asbestos Removals/Kangaroo Island

1. We have the Experience on Kangaroo Island

Watt’s Asbestos Removals has over 25 years experience in handling all types of Asbestos Removal and Asbestos services. We are rural area specialists and have an extensive history on Kangaroo Island. We have completed work for both small and large corporations including S.A Water, Hospitals, Real Estate Agents and Farmers.

2. Best Priced Asbestos Removal For Rural Areas

For over 25 years we have completed simple and complex Asbestos removal projects for Government and Private sectors. We are well known in all areas of South Australia for our fair and upfront pricing!

3. We are fully licensed and compliant for your peace of mind!

You can’t afford to take risks with Asbestos. 

Licensed Builder & Asbestos Remover

ABN: 11 552 109 763
ARBN: BN 0421 8437

Asbestos Removal License:

EPA License: