Methamphetamine (Meth) commonly called ice is a powerfully addictive central nervous system stimulant that is used by smoking, snorting, ingesting or injecting intravenously. Meth is highly addictive becomes the users sole focus of user’s. Often destroying families and personal relationships and destroying individuals financial situation and causing a major problem with employment. Any and all buildings, no matter what type, that have been used as a Methamphetamine laboratory must undergo testing and, if necessary, decontamination before it can be considered safe for normal use.

Methamphetamine laboratories are by nature well-hidden drug labs where meth is manufactured by cooking, stored for sale or use. Methamphetamine lab clean-up services are required because the sites are hazardous from the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. A Meth lab requires evaluation, to determine the level of contamination and then if necessary well cleaned. The clean-up should be done by trained and certified professionals who are used to handling contaminated/hazardous materials. Exposed to meth labs can have serious health consequences for people or animals. Meth and the bi-products cause by cooking potentially are extremely deadly chemicals and consequently, the cleaners must wear ventilators and protective clothing. It is not commonly known how dangerous Methamphetamine use and the production of meth is and most people are unaware that meth can cause serious health problems not only for the users but also in others who are unintentionally or unknowingly exposed. Again most people are unaware of the number of Meth labs and they are discovered everywhere – homes, apartments, caravans, storage facilities, hotels, motel rooms, restaurants, and cars. Most landlords and neighbours are surprised when they discover there has been a meth lab next door.

The chemicals and by-products used in meth labs during the production process which requires cooking of the chemicals can contaminate all parts of the building, carpets, material surfaces, and septic tanks and backyards. Crystal meth is dangerous and is cancer to our society if you have suspicions that your property has been used as a secret drug lab, call the police and then call us and we can advise you of your responsibilities and options. Probably your building will need to be tested to see the level of contamination which could include a meth test and/or assessment on the structure.

By using professional decontamination cleaners you will have the comfort of knowing that your building is safe to use and there is no danger to inhabitants. The clean is intricate and there is a process that needs to be followed including assessment, testing a work schedule and of cause removal of contaminated material, after clean-up sampling to assess safety levels and reports to be completed.

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