Asbestos Removal

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No hidden costs for Asbestos Removal.  Watt’s Asbestos charge dependant on the difficulty of removing the asbestos and the disposal of the asbestos:

  • To remove wall sheeting asbestos in a shed is a lot easier to remove than a broad span asbestos roof in a factory.
  • Dumping the asbestos costs vary in different areas and the cost will also depend on how far the asbestos has to be transported to a licensed asbestos dumping waste depot.

Most asbestos removal jobs have their own difficulties but Watt’s have removed asbestos in a myriad of locations and every type of building. Our goal is to remove asbestos anywhere in any type of building and give our customers a competitive price that is guaranteed not to have any surprises or add on costs. Due to the fact that there are so many different variables that must be considered, be sure to provide us with as much information as you possibly can when obtaining a quote. Request a free inspection and we will come out and assess the situation free of charge. Watt’s Asbestos removal is a specialist team of licensed and trained asbestos removalists. All of our team of asbestos removalists have undergone extensive training and are highly experienced in all aspects of asbestos removal and the safe treatment for asbestos disposal. Watt’s Asbestos residential asbestos removal business continues to grow each year because they do not have corporate overheads which mean they pass the savings on to you.

Listen to the word of mouth that keeps telling people, If you want no fuss Asbestos removal, use Watt’s Asbestos.

Asbestos is dangerous

Asbestos can be extremely dangerous to humans because the fibres can be inhaled and when this happens it is difficult to remove from the lungs.

Any exposure to all types of asbestos increases the risk of lung cancer and other diseases.

Asbestos needs to be removed from:

  • Walls – fibro and cement wallboard
  • Floors – tiles and lino
  • Ceilings – fibro and cement board –tiles
  • Roofs – some types of roofing sheets contain asbestos
  • Air conditioning – ducting
  • Pipes and siding

Materials that have been fireproofed that may contain asbestos:

• Fire resistant coatings on structural steel • Curtains • Blankets and doors.

Other materials that may contain asbestos:

• Some adhesives • Plaster • Joint compounds • Spackling compounds • Some textured paints – coatings • Caulking and putties.

Why take a risk? Call us and we will undertake a comprehensive asbestos analysis of your home.

Licensed Builder & Asbestos Remover

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ARBN: BN 0421 8437

Building Licences:
167 472, 188 645

Asbestos Removal Licence:
90314 (Categories 4M & 4MA)