Andrew Watts is tthe most experienced Asbestos Expert in South Australia.
Andrew started working with asbestos at 15yrs as an apprentice carpenter, in Mosman, installing it, learning about it and the dangers that come from Asbestos.
Years later, he began removing Asbestos as he realized there was an opportunity to offer his services to those needing to be rid of Asbestos in their homes and businesses Safely.

Watts Asbestos Are Professionals:
Andrew takes great pride in his ability to inform people of the risks of asbestos and put their minds at ease as to how to approach their situation. He takes the time to talk with his customers to work out the best options for each individual situation. Andrew’s success is based on years of experience, respect and honesty and recommendations from many Happy customers
If it’s not asbestos, you will always get an honest response!!!!

Through his long standing company Watts Asbestos they are willing to do the small jobs, that are often overlooked, traveling
throughout South Australia, Vic, NSW and the NT for many years.

 If you’re looking for an honest appraisal, to identify asbestos in your home or work space, an Asbestos Register or a quote for removal, you can’t beat Watts Asbestos!